Monday, March 12, 2012

Chore List

I've found my kids to be much happier when they contribute to our household with meaningful work.  It's amazing how much very young children can do and actually become excited about.  Now, we definitely have our share of whining about doing chores, but with lots of praise and guidance they are usually very proud of their accomplishments and have come to see being a "helper" as something wonderful and very normal in our home.  If you're struggling to know how to involve your kids in chores check out the chore list I've compiled for my kids (Ivory: 3.5 years + Micah 21 months).  Maybe you can find something to use.  Remember, we often discount what our kids are capable of--mine continually surprise me with what they are able to do (and very excited about doing!).

·        Throw dirty clothes in dirty clothes basket
·        Fold washcloths
·        Put laundry in the dryer
·        Take laundry out of the dryer
·        Push laundry basket to appropriate destination
·        Sort laundry
·        Put laundry in appropriate rooms
·        Match socks
·        Put diapers together
·        Measure + stir laundry detergent (with supervision)
·        Dust furniture in a certain room (with dusting cloth)
·        Wipe baseboards (damp cloth)
·        Wipe kitchen table (damp cloth + optional spray bottle of water)
·        Wipe kitchen counters (damp cloth + optional spray bottle of water)
·        Wipe cabinets (with damp cloth)
·        Scrub shower (scrub brush/washcloth/orange + salt...not good for very little ones who might rub eyes)
·        Sweep floors (small broom/swiffer + pledge cleaners can be adjusted by height)
·        Mop floors (damp cloth on swiffer)
·        Spray dirt spots on floor + wipe (water spray bottle + rag)
·        Throw trash away in trash can
·        Clean windows (water spray bottle + rag)
·        Wipe windowsills (damp cloth)
·        Sort toys
·        Sort legos by color
·        Sort buttons by color
·        Sort necklace beads by color
·        Clean out toy box (choose toys to give away and put in give away box)
·        Clean out books (choose books to give away and put in give away box)
·        Sort books
·        Measure + stirPUT AWAY
·        Set the table
·        Clear the table
·        Wash dishes
·        Dry dishes
·        Put away dishes in low cabinets
·        Put away anything on the floor of the house that is out of place, ask questions if you don’t know where something belongs
·        Put away anything that is on a piece of furniture that is out of place, ask questions if you don’t know where something belongs
·        Help carry groceries inside
·        Help put groceries away
·        Rake leaves
·        Till the garden
·        Sweep the porch
·        Scrub the outside of the car (sudsy rag/sponge)
·        Hose off the car
·        Wipe the inside of the car (damp cloth)
·        Pick up trash/objects in car 

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