Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brother - Sister Love

Korban adores Ivory. In fact, if I want his attention to nurse or look at me she has to go away. He lights up when she talks to him.  Before the video camera came on Ivory was making her dog talk to Korban.  So cute.

The other day Korban was starting to get a little fussy while I was cooking until Ivory came and sat next to him and began talking with him. Ivory takes his pacifier and he starts talking away to her. Ivory: "Korban, you can have your paci back when you say Mama, Dada. Say Mama, Dada. Say Mama, Dada. He said it! Here's your paci back. Oh, I should probalby tell him my name so he will know me. I'm Ivory--you know me cutie boy!"

Right now they're enjoying morning snuggles + smiles.  So sweet.

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