Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kid Qwips

February 2012

During morning Bible reading about Abram and Sarai Ivory says, "Oh, like the Sarah we know. I like that Sarah, but I don't know the Sarah in the story."

A few of Micah’s most frequent words: Fruck (truck), Fok (dog), Fifrey (Ivory), Kor (Korban)

Micah riding in the car with mommy, “Car! Car! Fruck (truck)! Fruck! Car!” (laughs) “Fun!”

Micah trying hard to say truck correctly over and over finally looks at me and resigns himself to, “Cars.”

One of Micah’s favorite games, (whisper voice) “Ooooo! What dat?” with his hand behind his ear.

Ivory, “Rooty toot toot Ivory let a poot! That’s what Pa says.” Great influence, Pa.

Korban adores his siblings and will hardly even look at mommy when Ivory’s around.

Ivory loves talking + “reading” stories about, and buying things for boys + girls who don’t have things. She’s especially concerned that they don’t have panties and potties and just have to have accidents all the time. We pull up to a convenience store on a road trip and Ivory looks at me excitedly, “We can go in there and buy things for the boys + girls who don’t have anything!”

Ivory, “I can marry Korban, or Micah, or Michael, or Aiden. That’s a lot of options for me!” Too bad they’re all blood except Michael…

Daddy singing Trust & Obey while driving home.
Ivory: “I just trust Jesus to put Him in my heart! Sing that song!”
Ivory: “Does Jesus have to get out of a heart to go into another?
Jason: “He’s big enough to be in everyone’s heart if they want.”
Ivory: “Yes! And He is in our car! And He made it!” And He made Mrs. Thelma + Mr. George and gave them my shoes and they gave me my stepping on toes shoes. They did team work!”

Ivory chokes on a banana at the table but is able to cough it back up. After chewing and swallowing she excitedly exclaims, “God just saved my life!!”

Ivory: “God has a boat and it’s big enough to hold all He needs! And He has a big house.”

Ivory: “When I get home and go potty I have to be quiet and talk to Jesus and sing to Him.”

Ivory talking to Mommy at bedtime: “Last night Jesus just helped me to laugh quietly in bed so I could obey!”

Ivory telling us about who was in Sunday School, “Caleb + Kayla—the ones who rhyme! And Kayla, too. [using her fingers to explain as she counts them off]  The Caelb we know, the Kayla I know her mom, and the other Kayle I don't know her mom.

Ivory listing off her friends at the table: “…and Sarah, the one I know. Not the Sarah in the Bible. The one who talks.”

Ivory singing her little heart out in the tub, "And Jesus I looooooove you! And you are my friend! and going in Africa...going in the singing and the...loving your neighbor and you know..." A little rambly with some very sweet inserts. =)

March 2012

Daddy: “See my muscles, Ivory?”
Ivory: “What muscle? Where? Do you have one muscle or two or three?”
Daddy: “This muscle, see it?”
Ivory: “Oh, do you want me to pray and ask Jesus to give you two or three muscles?”
The strength team has been in town…

Ivory’s famous line: “Mommy, I’m just a little bit tired, but I don’t want to go to bed…” Usually followed by a request to stop chores, not eat, watch a movie, play on a piece of technology, etc.

Micah *loves* going to Sunday School. This morning when told he was going to Sunday School he started running for the door saying excitedly, “Bible! Bible! Class!” He loves carrying his little blue baby dedication New Testament to Sunday School.

Ivory, “I’m a good teacher, I teach about Jesus.”

Ivory draws a heart on her LeapPad, “This is for you, Mommy. And it’s for everyone in this whole wide world that God made and for the boys and girls who don’t have anything!” The boys and girls who don’t have anything are always on this little girl’s heart and mind and she’s always thinking of ways to share with them. So sweet.

Ivory, “Mom, since I have a new toothbrush I can just share my other one with Addie!” Love the concept of sharing…but I think we’ll skip out on the toothbrush…

In church on Sunday night Brother Mike jokes, “And all the people say…?” Micah shouts something we couldn’t quite understand and joins heartily in the laughter. Love it.

Micah’s new name for Korban, “Korky.”

Micah enjoys stacking up boxes and kicking/punch them down to show off his muscles while Ivory dims the lights for dramatic effect.  Strength team beware of your competition!

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I'm thinking it's been too long since I've seen my friend - the one who talks! I'll have to see about finding a remedy for that soon!