Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meeting Mamaw Stanley

Tuesday we ventured out to meet Nana + Mamaw Stanley.
Nana + Korban Mamaw normally stays in bed all day on rainy days (Tuesday was very rainy) so we were just hoping we wouldn't miss her. When we arrived Jason prayed that Mamaw would wake up--within a few minutes of our arrival Mamaw came wandering down the hallway.  Jason was so excited to hand Korban to his grandmother. 

Mamaw has alzheimers and her health has been failing rather rapidly lately.  We are so grateful that we had these precious moments with her.  She took such delight in holding her great grandson.  She seemed to know for at least a little bit of the visit who Jason was and that this was his newborn baby.
As we left we told her his name again.  She gave a big smile and said, "Stanley.  I'll call him Stanley.  Stanley." 

I loved watching Jason interacting with Mamaw and our newborn. Four generations: Virginia Stanley, Joy (Mamaw's 4th), Jason (Mom's 2nd), Korban (Jason's 3rd)

Micah was so well behaved and very silly during our visit.  He loves sitting on furniture like a big boy.
Micah, of course, played lots of ball.

And enjoyed playing with his shape sorter and playing with Nana.

After visiting with Nana + Mamaw we made a quick stop for dinner and went for a short visit with Mrs. Patti and her family.  Micah had a blast playing with Dillon during our visit and Mrs. Patti loved snuggling our new little one.  We had a great visit with them--always so encouraged after talking with her.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.  We came home tired, but so happy with our visits.

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