Friday, October 7, 2011

Preschool :: Week 2

This week's theme is BABIES--preparing the kids for baby Korban's arrival.  Lots of great library books about babies and a daily Bible story about a baby.

We learned about baby Isaac and how God promised to give Abraham as many babies as the stars in the sky and that one day the most special baby ever would be born--Jesus.   We talked about how God makes all babies special and read some books from the library about babies.  For snack we cut an apple in half to see the star in the middle.

We also made a trip to the Post Office (the kids find this exciting), the library (where Ivory spent a while on the computer for the first time operating it all by herself), and did a little visiting.  The kids love getting out of the house even if it's simple trips and it helps us maintain a higher level of sanity the rest of the day.

We focused on baby Moses--one of their favorite and most familiar stories. Snack--we made baby moses in baskets...that didn't really turn out.  So, no pictures.  But, Micah loved the taste! =)

Wednesday was crazy with a doctor's visit and a long morning of errand running, no naps for the kids (Micah has a habit of 10 minute power naps in the car and then no napping when he gets home...which means sister doesn't nap either, fun times!), exhausted momma and church made for no story today.  So, we did Wednesday's story Thursday...night.  Also another crazy day with a busy morning, park play date, and lots of chores/projects, so story time was postponed and only Ivory enjoyed craft + snack time as little man was crashing.  Ivory loved her little popsicle people and enjoyed when we re-enacted the story with them.

Today's plan: Baby Jesus...instead we caught up on yesterday and read the story of Zechariah & Elizabeth and the birth of John the Baptist.  We didn't make it past Bible reading time because of a morning appointment, chores, and Mom's exhaustion.  Oh well, at least the most important part took place!

Here's Ivory quoting this week's verse.  Had to show you the first part so you could capture a little picture of reality.

Late in the evening Ivory worked with daddy on her sign for her lemonade stand.  Anticipate a post on that soon...

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