Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Weekend

The weather has been gorgeous lately--perfect time to grill out.  My studly grill master.

Where the kids played while daddy grilled--love the sand/water table.

Acorns still providing great entertainment for my little squirrels.
The delish result. He inherited his dad's grill skill.
It was SO nice to have daddy home all day Friday and to enjoy some quality family time.  Life has been crazy at the church lately and while we love our church, it's nice for a little down time together.

We hosted a kids event so parents could go see the new movie, Courageous  (which is AWESOME by the way).  banner
We enjoyed some time outside and gym play.
We have some teens that are just great with kids!

Gearing up for some bocci ball.
The weekend was very full.  Sunday was a visitation Sunday.  We got to visit with a really sweet family who spoiled our kids with roasted marshmallows & fresh sugar cane and sent us home with a bag full of fresh produce!  We are blessed to know so many generous people who love on us, especially doting on our children.

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