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Korban's Birth Story

Korban Stanley
due: Monday, October 17th, 2011
born: 8:33AM, Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Warning:: this will be lengthy and more detailed then some care to read. Read at your own risk remembering this is written more for my own records then for blogging purposes.

Wednesday, October 5th.  My sister called to tell me she was coming to Florida to meet Korban and take newborn pictures for us! I got so excited she nearly sent me into labor. That night, I was in a lot of pain during church and left youth a little early with my first contractions lasting for 4 hours approximately every 5-7minutes apart. Later that night I felt him drop down. We packed our bags just in case and Jason realized how much he still needs to prepare at work to be ready for baby’s arrival. I decided to go to sleep and see what happened. Nothing. For nearly a week and a half.

Thursday, October 13th.  I went to sleep that night and slept only a few restless hours as my back was really hurting. Was so relieved when it was finally daylight and I could start my day.

Friday, October 14th.  I went to the doctor and was checked for the first time. 1-2cm dilated, cervix still pretty thick. Went for a pedicure treat with the girls. Mrs. Robin told my pedicurist to go ahead and send me into labor. She looked at me with a questioning look and asked, “When are you due? Do you really want to go into labor? I can send you into labor.” She massaged the pressure point on my foot, showing me where it was so my husband could massage it, too. The pedicure felt amazing and I still enjoy gazing at my neatly painted toes. One hour later I felt a contraction. They didn’t end until Korban made his entrance into the world.
Tried taking a nap that afternoon but woke up every time I had a contraction (anywhere from 10-20 minutes). Ivory napped with me…let me tell you it’s fun to try falling asleep with contractions and a wriggling, squirming 3-year-old girl who sweetly kisses you on your face to avoid falling asleep.

Went to bed that night hoping they’d let up long enough for me to sleep. Sometimes I could fall asleep between contractions, but anticipating the next one and wondering what was happening made it difficult to sleep at all. Around 3AM they got worse and I thought maybe were getting close to the real thing. I couldn’t stand laying down anymore so I got up, repacked the hospital bag, cleaned some, and made soaps for the nurses (inspired by this post….mine were a bust) and Jason put together the Moses basket stand. After a while nothing changed. Jason went back to bed and I tried resting on the couch. Doze, contraction, get up & walk it out, bathroom, lay down, repeat. So relieved when daylight came and I could get up and once more distract myself between contractions.

Saturday, October 15th.  Contractions come steadily all day 10-20minutes apart. Some relatively mild, some stopped me dead in my tracks nearly doubling over in pain. Spent time baking and cooking in preparation for Jason + Christina’s birthday celebration that evening. Tried napping again. Same story as the day before. Had a great time celebrating that evening. Tried going to bed again hopeful that maybe the contractions would stop long enough to get some good sleep—so tired. No such luck. Doze some in bed, doze on the couch. Walk out contractions. Try a bath, doesn’t feel very good. Begin timing contractions between dozing. Approximately 14 minutes apart. Begin coming one minute closer until about 10 minutes apart. Then, back to 12 minutes apart. Begin puking and shaking through contractions. Tired and in pain. Still only 12 minutes apart. Trying to decide when we will go to the hospital. Labor definitely getting more intense, but contractions still so far apart. Suddenly the contractions switch to 5 minutes apart. Pack our stuff and wake up Mom & Dad. Dad sleeps in the house with the kids while Jason, Mom & I head to the hospital at approximately 4AM.

Sunday, October 16th.  Arrive at the hospital about 4:45AM puking and shaking but contractions still only 5 minutes apart—the farthest apart they’ve ever been when I arrived at the hospital. Find out I’m 6cm dilated, pretty good news. Hoping and praying it won’t be much longer, so tired. Get settled in a labor and delivery room where they bring me a birthing ball and a rocking chair. I like using the birthing ball, but keep dozing between contractions and am afraid I’ll fall off the ball. Switch to the rocking chair, which is comfortable but a little too comfortable. A good place for a break, but not a good place to get labor moving along. Jason and I spend time walking the halls. The nurses are SO encouraging. “Yay! Walk that baby out!” “You’re going all natural?! Way to go!” “You got here at 6cm—good for you!” The words of encouragement surrounding me (nurses + family) were like boosts of much needed energy. Read some Scriptures, Jason reads me Scriptures, listen to worship music, rock back and forth, walk, move, rest.

A few hours later I ask to be checked again. 8-9cm. Labor some more. Violently throwing up. Going into transition. The nurse’s response, “Honey, if that didn’t break your water you have a thick sack!” Tammy checks and my water hasn’t broken and it’s very smooth and tight across baby’s head. Labor some more. I begin wondering if I should ask Tammy to break my water. My nurse comes in (I had wonderful nurses) and mentions how it will probably go really fast once my water breaks. I ask if she thinks Tammy would break it for me and she says sure she’d go get her. Tammy breaks my water and I begin pushing to get some of the liquid out to see if things will progress. Once that process began it wasn’t long and I had the urge to push and begin pushing baby right on out!

I push for oh, maybe 20 minutes. MUCH shorter then Ivory, but still longer then Micah. This labor experience was somewhere in the middle of the two as far as time and pain level. When he comes out I know he feels smaller then my other two and when I hold him I know he is my tiniest baby yet. They hand him directly to me bloody and all. I love holding my babies right away, but I have to say I do like it when they’re at least wrapped up or wiped off first. Grandma cuts the cord while our little boy cries and cries his sweet little cry. I hand him to Grandma to hold for a few minutes as she receives him arms wide open, tears streaming down her beautiful face. She snuggles him for a few moments before letting daddy hold him then hands him back to me where he begins eating within minutes. My best little nurser yet!

It feels SO good to finally meet my sweet little boy. I keep looking at him in complete joy and relief—he is finally here and labor is finally over. It’s true that sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. 8:33AM my little boy arrived. We enjoy each other for a while before we part ways to clean up and bathe before his siblings arrive to meet him. They weigh & measure him. 7lbs. 1.8oz. 19in.

The nurses comment on how calm and good natured he is.  Has been since conception.
Three Generations
Ivory and Micah come in wide eyed and curious. They are completely fascinated with baby and Ivory can hardly wait to hold him. Micah, "Baby! Baby! Baby!" It is so good to see all three of my babies together and I am so glad that my parents were there to enjoy these new, special moments with my husband and I.

Presents "from Korban" welcome the kids.
Ivory holding her baby.  Sweet big sister kisses. Ivory gave Korban a full examination looking at his toes, fingers, face, etc. Micah loves the "baby!" 
The next hour was a whirlwind of excitement and slight chaos, but such beauty. Pictures and video. Kisses and hugs. Laughter and smiles.

Daddy is the expert swaddler of the household.  I've finally learned his ways. 
I’m so grateful for the amazing experience we have with all our nurses, hospital staff, midwife, doctor, and pediatricians. I prayed a lot that we would find favor in the eyes of our nurses and that we would be a good witness. God answered my prayers. The nurses are extremely encouraging and helpful and have nothing but kind, encouraging comments. The pediatricians find our baby perfect (or maybe that’s just me the mom =) and healthy.

Poor Jason gets really sick (from exhaustion and focusing his energy so much on me and baby to the neglect of himself) and can’t really enjoy the afternoon with us and our visitors. But, after some rest and good nourishment he begins to feel like himself again.    
We are grateful for thoughtful visitors and a quick release (we left by 2PM the next day).
Nina, Michael, Dad, Korban.  Michael was not sure what to think of baby Korban. Mrs. Robin + Cassie + Korban
Nina reassuring Michael he's still the number one baby in her life.

Cassie + Korban

Nina + Korban

Mrs. Robin reassuring Michael while his mom holds another baby.

Love me some newborn baby snuggles.
Jason talking to the kids the next morning.
Sparkling Grape Juice courtesy of the hospital + Flowers courtesty of sweet Sarah
Such a good Daddy.
Heading home!
While I certainly didn’t enjoy laboring all weekend and wouldn’t have minded him coming a tad quicker, I really couldn’t ask for things to go any smoother. God blessed us with a smooth road and answered our prayers for strength, health, and favor. Now we are adjusting to life at home with three little ones. Things are surprisingly smooth…but then we still outnumber them with adults 4 to 3. Yes, my parents being here is WONDERFUL. And the meals people keep bringing us definitely make the transition that much easier—and tastier. I’m grateful for not only our biological family, but also our Christian family and their thoughtfulness and generosity.

I know many of you prayed for us throughout this whole process and still are praying. Your prayers mean more then you know. Cool story about that. I was really losing energy around the time I began thinking about asking Tammy to break my water. I was running out of steam for sure. Jason talked to Brother Mike and he asked if we wanted him to call the prayer chain. Sure, why not. I don’t think they were even finished calling through the chain by the time Korban was born. Brother Mike and his family had just prayed for us at the breakfast table. Later, when I called Mrs. Patti she said she had been praying for me around that time while she was on her morning run. When I needed extra prayers the most God’s people prayed—and He answered quickly. Praise His name!

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