Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recent Projects

My "nesting mode" has been focused mostly on projects lately, sewing mostly.

Ivory & Micah also have coordinating big sister + big brother outfits to wear to welcome Korban into the world.  Michael, Nina's son, will also have a paige boy cap since he's considered a cousin and always on Ivory's mind. =)  She has decided if Michael doesn't want her to hold him (he's coming to visit soon) she'll just switch and hold baby Korban.  She can just take turns holding them!

Knit fabric scraps make great accessories.  I've made quite a few more, but just haven't photographed them.  I love how excited Ivory gets when she sees something new I've made her--she's such a delightfully girly girl.

With my birthday money I purchased some dye.

So far I've used half the wine colored dye on leftover wedding lace people have generously given me.

I have some ideas up my sleeve--we'll see what comes together before Korban's exit from the womb.

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