Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Visitor

Friday morning my mom, Korban and I picked up my sister from the airport--YAY!  She flew all the way down from Canada to visit us, meet baby, and take pictures for us.  We stopped for a girl's lunch at one of Debi's favorite restaurants.
Then we did a little shopping, including one of my fav places for accessories

On the way home we drove through Sonic for slushies/limeades.

When Debi comes to Florida we try to make sure she's treated to some of her favorite American stores + restaurants.

While we were enjoying our girl's day Grandpa + Dad held down the fort with Ivory + Micah.  So grateful for these incredible men!  Jason took Ivory to see the homecoming parade--which she loved.  That night he also took her to the foot ball game while Aunt Debi + Mommy enjoyed some sister time.

Sweet, beautiful Lyndsey + Ivory (thanks for tagging us in this sweet picture, Donna!).

When I went to pick Ivory up from the football game on the ride home I asked her what she saw at the game. "There were princesses there! Lyndsey and Chelsea were princeses and other girls. They were inside the gate and then they got out. How did they get out of there?"

I asked her about the football players.  "They were playing football in that gate and I wanted to go in there but Daddy said I couldn't."

"Well, you could get hurt out there."

"When I grow big can I play football?"

"Ummm....we'll see when you get big."

Saturday morning we just had to take Aunt Debi to one of our favorite local shops--the donut shop.  Pa treated us to a delish breakfast Micah anxious to get out of his stroller to eat.

After a delish breakfast we headed back to the house where we worked on a newborn photo shoot of our sweet little man.  My sister works magic.  Thanks Pa + Daddy for playing outside with the kids during this time.  Be looking for some gorgeous pictures soon to come!

That evening we went for a family photo shoot at the marina and then took Aunt Debi to our favorite Mexican restaurant--Pepper's. Aunt Debi + Micah--love watching my kids enjoy their aunt.
Soaking up every minute of time we have together and blown away by the magic she works with her camera.  Love her so much and hate how far we live from each other.  Thankful for the visits we get together.

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