Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All About Micah

Some adorable video I captured the other morning of Micah signing & talking at breakfast.

Micah is communicating more these days.  Obviously, his new obsession: baby.

List of spoken words/sounds I can currently recall:
  • baby (currently his favorite word)
  • ball
  • crackers
  • shoes
  • eat
  • please
  • thank you
  • mama
  • dada
  • Ivory
  • Micah
  • moo
  • quack
  • happy bowl
  • all done
  • up
  • open it
  • this
  • Bobo
  • MyMy (MikeMike)
  • uh-oh
  • yes
  • no (it has begun...shakes his head and says, "No!")

List of sign words:

  • please
  • more
  • eat
  • drink
  • all done
  • shoes
  • Cassie (his own created sign name for her =)
  • dada
  • thank you
Micah LOVES imitating his sister.  Definitely monkey see, monkey do.  Ivory & Mommy are having lots of talks about good behavior and setting a good example for little brother.  He loves to dance, attempts hand motions, and tries to imitate more of what we say, though it usually takes mommy, daddy or sister to interpret for him.

Micah is enertained with a set of keys for nearly 20 minutes every day.  Door hinges, small holes, etc. make great "locks" to unlock.  Games of fetch with himself or others are played daily and is thrilling each time.  He likes pushing Ivory's stroller around and feeding her babies.  He loves wearing her shiny beads.  He throws anything he can get away with and loves wrestling with sister.  He enjoys screaming with Ivory, dancing & bobbing his head to music, doing hand motions for songs, making silly faces at meal time, and loves to laugh.  He loves it when he makes us laugh and will do things over and over just to entertain.  He enjoys sword fighting, hitting games, splashing in the tub, and noisy games.  He likes playing in the dirt and sand, but isn't too sure about actually being dirty.  He loves brushing his teeth.

Micah is slowly becoming braver in nursery/class at church and loves doing whatever the big kids are doing.  He is extremely proud of himself when he can sit in a chair like a big boy and has learned how to climb up in the recliner all by himself.  He has actually started reaching for more girls/women in the church (very rare before, he def prefers chilling with the guys) instead of just flirting with them and then clinging to mommy.  His patience and long attention span amazes me, though his temper and stubborness has started to shine through more lately.  He still loves cuddling, especially with mommy and knows how to say "pssse (please)" ever so sweetly when he wants something.  He cries for the first 5 seconds of blanket time and then is usally as contented as ever as long as sister is in the same room. 

He has become a rather picky eater and it has been a challenging to get him to eat well balanced meals.  His favorite foods all contain gluten and we have noticed a gluten sensitivity that produces a exzcema like rash and sinus congestion. 

Grandma recently made some cinnamon bread with spelt and he is wolfing it down and begging for more--he has really missed bread. 
Guess Grandma will have to teach me her secret to making bread with spelt.

Micah just brought me Ivory's princess flip-flops to put on him (shhhh....don't tell daddy ;).  He has finally decided to like shoes and instead of crying every time I put them on him he actually asks to wear shoes some times.  Our little Florida boy.  He also likes putting shoes on mommy and trying to put them on himself.  And wow, he just came up to me and said, "flip-flops!" 

He weighs 25lbs at 16.5 months.
2' 7" at 16.5 months.

I realize this post is long and possibly over-detailed for most readers, but this is our online scrapbook and these are things I want to remember about our sweet little man in the future.

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