Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nana + Grandaddy Visit

Story time with Nana + Grandaddy--the kids adore their grandparents. Nana + Micah Grandaddy + Micah

Micah + Granaddy hang tight.
Nana + Ivory
Ivory was anxious to roast hot dogs on Saturday so Daddy, jumping at the chance to build another fire, obliged her.
Even Korban joined us for the bonfire in the sling I quickly sewed that afternoon.  Will try to get better pictures later--navy blue linen trimmed with creme muslin.

We roasted hot dogs Grandma wrapped in her special dough and marshmallows for smores.
Micah laughing with Grandaddy.

Sunday morning cuteness.  Finally able to wear this outfit from sweet Sarah--thank you, Sarah!  I sure looked spiffy for church. Micah looking for baby.  He loves his baby. Grandaddy + Korban before church.

A very fun weekend and relaxing Sunday afternoon (at least for Mom!).  We are really enjoying our time with both grandparents and are so glad they could come!

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