Saturday, October 22, 2011

Arriving Home

We arrived home Monday, October 17th (Jason's birthday), at approximately 3PM where he was greeted with enthusiasm by his grandparents + siblings.  Grandpa finally got to hold Korban.

Micah was okay with Pa holding Korban as long as he could climb up, too.
"Baby, baby, baby."
Grandma, of course, had to grab some more Korban snuggles when we arrived. Daddy spent time playing with the kids.  Ivory went shopping with Grandma to pick out this tool set for Micah.
Brother Mike came by later that night for a quick visit and a few snuggles from Korban.

It feels great to be home and excitedly greeted by Ivory + Micah.  Now to settle back in and enjoy time at home as a family of five.

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