Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preschool Plans

We started something new this week.  It was a great first week--now we'll just see how long I can keep it up.  It's really added some much needed structure to our day and has provided great improvement in the general attitude of our home.

First Week Plans

In the morning, after blanket time, we focus on the story of Creation from Ivory's Bible.  Ivory sits on the toy chest looking at a picture Bible while I read straight from the Bible.  Micah practices sitting still on my lap...key word--practices.  It's not a very quite story time.

In the afternoon, after nap time, we read picture books.

Source: via Lee Ann on Pinterest

Then we do a very simple activity on our theme.

And make/eat a snack around our theme.

Inspired by this, just easier and more on Ivory's ability level.

Today's theme was summer so we focused on the ocean and read the story of Jonah for Bible time.  We listened to Mary Margaret's telling (SO cute) and I then summarized the main points for Ivory & I to discuss.  In the afternoon we talked about summer and how we go to the beach in the summer because it's warm.

We made our own version of this simple project:

We added a little Jonah and some sea creatures made from a margarine lid--you know you're jealous of my artistic abilities.

Ivory explains our Jonah ocean bottle.

It makes a great shaker when singing Who Did Swallow Jonah.

We focused on Autumn today and so we read the story about the man who had such a great harvest that he tore down his barns and built bigger ones to store the harvest.  We talked about how this was selfish and we should share with other people.  Jason asked Ivory, "So if you have too many toys should you buy a bigger toy box to put them in?"  Ivory, "Why, yes!"  Jason, "Or, should you give some away to little boys and girls who don't have any?"  Ivory, somewhat reluctantly, "Oh, give them away to little boys and girls."  We asked her if she wanted to go through her toys right now and pick some out to give away and she said sure.  It took her a while at first, but then she really got into it and wanted to go through every box/drawer of toys we have.  She came up with a bag full of toys, random cards, ribbons, and other such "treasures." =)  She also told me the next day that we should go through our books to give some to boys and girls who don't have any books.  So proud of her!

In the afternoon we read about harvesting apples and ate apples to celebrate this current season of fall!  We also ate a fall gluten-free trail mix made from cinnamon & honey chex and marshmallows.

Then we went outside and preteneded to be squirrels collecting acorns for winter.  We hid them away for winter and then dug them up.  They *loved* it.  I love how easily excited children are at this age.

Today's focus: winter.  We read about how God made us each uniquely in Psalm 139.  Then, later in the day we talked about how each snowflake that falls in winter is unique.  We also sang and danced to lots of songs about being wonderfully made & doing good things.  These kids *love* to dance.

On the first take of this movie Micah decided to turn the stereo off...

So far Micah has thoroughly enjoyed our activites and getting to be apart of making/doing them.  Well, today was somewhat of a fail.  You might notice that crocodile tear in the bottom picture.  He was VERY distressed that big sister got to use scissors and he did not.  Crayons did NOT cut it as long as she had scissors.  But, he was very excited when allowed to glue the snowflakes to his paper and then color.  I thought Ivory would love this craft as she adores making tiny cuts in paper, but her scissors wouldn't quite cut through four layers of paper so she too was frustrated.  Oh well, it wasn't a complete fail--she loved folding and watching Mommy cut.

Now the winter ice pops?  Complete success.

I had grand plans of summarzing the four seasons today, reviewing the books read this week and making a very cute tree craft.  With daddy's exciting return coupled with my complete exhuastion today, we only got through the Bible time of reading Psalm 1 (healthy tree).  Oh well, the most important part happened today and 4 out of 5 days isn't bad.

And Ivory has *almost* mastered her memory verse for the week.  Love how cute and dramatic she is when quoting it.

I think the key to success for me will be planning ahead and keeping it super simple.  It might lay by the wayside for a while when we welcome baby, but I'm hoping it might be something that resembles some structure and a certain level of normalcy for the kids once baby does come.  Of course, just when I was "priding" myself in doing a good job of being strong and orderly this week I had a physical/emotional breakdown this morning.  Love how God keeps me humble. =)  Ultimately, I'm reminded I am nothing without Christ and must rely completely on Him.

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