Friday, October 14, 2011

Family + Friends

Yesterday was full of excitement!  We spent time with Grandma + Grandpa, the kids played in the 5th wheel with grandma most of the morning (yes I'm feeling spoiled), Grandma treated us to Subway for lunch, my dear friend & former college roommate, Sarah, came for dinner, my mom did all the dinner dishes (yes, VERY spoiled), Micah was extremely happy, silly, entertaining that evening, and we got to see Christina + meet Michael!  If only all this excitement had sent me into labor...=)  Nah, we're patiently waiting.

Here's a few photos + video clips of all the fun.

Micah loved playing with Sarah--he definitely made a new friend.  I love watching how friendly he's becoming and how affectionate to others.  Ivory is obsessed with Grandma's electronics, new toys (play dough kit), and the 5th wheel.  When I go over with them she settles right in, "Mom, you can go now."  When I come to visit, "Can just Micah go home and I stay?"  Glad she loves her grandparents so much!

Micah is highly entertaining these days. Such a happy, silly, sweet boy.
If you don't have time to watch anything else you have to at least watch How Old is Grandma?  Hilarious. Totally candid.

So, Ivory has been absolutely stoked about meeting Michael. Last night's introduction was no disappointment. Michael is completely fascinated with Ivory. SO cute.
He didn't want to take his eyes off her and kept reaching for her, touching her, talking to her and smiling at her. Ivory was very sweet and gentle with him and smitten by his affection for her.

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