Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Events

Sunday morning the kids sang in church.  Ivory danced for the first song but she actually did some motions for the second song when the older kids came on stage...when she wasn't distracted by them.  Gotta love the expressions being exchanged between Ivory and Izzy during the songs.  These girls were due on the same day and born only 4 days apart.  They are both very strong personalities and it's highly entertaining to watch them interact.
Love watching the kids sing.  Mrs. Robin does such a great job leading the kids in music!  Our kids are blessed to have many great teachers.  I'm especially grateful for Ivory + Micah's sweet teachers.
After church we had a lunch celebrating bringing in the talents.  It was very exciting when they annnounced that we made over $16,000 this weekend!  Great time of fellowship, food, and celebration. 

Because of the busy weekend at the church we took a break from Sunday evening service.  Jason and I took this opportunity to invite a few teens over for a mini bonfire in our backyard.  The kids had a blast!  Ivory thinks all the teens come just to see her. 

Ivory: "Want to go hide and I'll come find you?!" 
Cassie: "I don't play hide and seek in the dark by myself."
Ivory: "I'll hide with you and we can hold hands.  Ok?  Let's go hide!"
Cassie: "Who's going to come find us?"
Ivory: "John is.  Let's go."
Cassie: "Does he know this?  Maybe you should go tell him."
Ivory: "John, Ivory & Cassie are going to hide and you are going to come find us."
John: "I am?"

And he did.  She thinks she's the boss.  The teens often prove her right.

Bonfires are better with smores. Boys + fire.  Jason's excitement about the teens coming over raised like 10 levels when we decided to involve fire. 
Great day of fellowship, relaxation and fun.  Relaxation was the result of our children taking a 4 hour nap!  Rejoice!  The weekend events wore them out.  We didn't mind.  Now on to enjoying a rainy day at home.

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