Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Celebration

Making chocolate turtle cheesecake with Mom for daddy's birthday celebration (a little early in case a certain someone decides to arrive soon).

Micah meets Michael.  Micah, MikeMike + Michael. Say it 10 times fast. Friends reunited.  Christina + Sarah. New friends made.  Sarah meets Michael. Love her smile. Good food.  Forgot to take pictures of the delicious dessert spread--pound cake, chocolate peanut butter cake, chocolate turtle cheesecake, coconut cake + homemade ice cream). Good fellowship. My parents, MikeMike, Micah, Bobo (Robin). Prayer. Sarah, Michael, Cassie.

Playtime. Sleep time.

Such a fun evening celebrating Jason (17th) + Christina's (19th) birthdays.  Love them both.  Btw, this girl is responsible for Jason and I meeting, double that love!

Korban is teasing me with contractions since yesterday at 1pm.  Hoping tonight will bring much needed sleep...or a baby.  Feeling like the former is more likely then the latter.  Either way, praise God progress is being made and we are both safe and healthy.  Good sleep would definitely be welcomed.

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