Friday, October 28, 2011

Korban Love

Ivory + Korban.  The kids love their brother so much.  They both love holding + snuggling him + giving him gentle, sweet kisses.  Ivory loved it when her dad put Korban next to her in bed for a few minutes before nap time.  Such sweet, snuggly moments.
Jason asked Micah the other day if he wanted to hold Korban.  Micah sat down & held out his arms with a big smile.  He loved holding Korban and just sat there kissing him and looking at him.  The other day I had Micah + Korban on the bed and I asked Micah if he could talk to Korban and he said, "Hi!"  I asked him if he could show him the sign language he knows and he signed the words he knows to him.  So cute.  And it was cute...until Micah decided to sit on Korban's head.  He thought he was playing and being silly like when he wrestles with Ivory and he didn't sit down fully or hurt Korban (Korban didn't cry or even whimper).  Oh this kid will be tough.

Daddy + Korban
Love seeing my man with our children.  Such a good daddy. We really enjoyed having both grandparents sets visiting here--and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the attention and spoiling.

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