Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fancy Ivory

Ivory posed herself. We received an exciting package in the mail today!  My Aunt Nancy graciously mailed us some clothes that my cousin Christy has sweetly passed on to our little girl.  Ivory is *such* a girly girl.  When she saw the package she could hardly wait to look at each item and wanted to try every piece of clothing on and either twirl, fly, or dance with daddy in it.  She was excited when I put one of her new skirts on after nap time.  So, of course we had to get a few pictures of her in her adorable skirt.  Thanks so much Aunt Nancy + Christy--we *love* the clothes!

Up to mischief on the front porch.  They were awfully mischevious tonight. Ivory + flowers = love affair Exercising on her excercise mat hand-me-down from Cassie...not too impressed that brother wants to join her.
Well, I better go now as Ivory is "reading" me library books and I should probably be more attentive...

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