Monday, October 24, 2011

First Doctors Visits

Wednesday brought two doctor visits.  Since we took Micah with us for the previous days visits we took Ivory for the doctor appointments. 

Jason + Korban + Ivory waiting for Dr. Dale to adjust Daddy + Mommy + Korban (labor is rough on all of us!)

Proud big sister

Dr. Dale checking to see how he should adjust Korban.  It looks scarier then it is.  Dr. Dale is extremely gentle and very, very careful picking him up, laying him down, and adjusting him.  Ivory watched very carefully and kept informing everyone to be careful.

Dr. Dale adjusting Korban.  Ivory heard the click and was very concerned that it hurt her baby.  We assured her that it was very gentle and if it had hurt then Korban would let us know. Dr. Dale loves the babies and always gets a picture with them to hang on his wall.  The first visit is also complimentary.  We love Dr. Dale so much.

After the chiropractor we headed to the pediatrician for his first in office visit.  We actually had a new pediatrician visit us in the hospital and we really loved her.  She is the Dr. we visited on Wednesday and it was again a very pleasant visit.

Waiting room entertainment for big sister.
Ivory wanted to take pictures of all the walls.  She thought the turtle looked angry.  I have to agree.
Family pic Korban + Ivory = so cute Love little clothes.  It seems like it was only a few days ago that Micah was wearing this. Korban was so calm during the exam. Jason + Ivory watching flip videos while waiting.

Korban received an excellent report from the doctor. 

Birth weight = 7lbs. 1.8oz
3 days old weight = 7lbs. 2.2oz 

Babies normally don't reach their birth weight until 2 weeks, especially nursing babies. 
Way to go, Korban! 

Love our little Korban.

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