Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clothes for Korban

When we had a small cold snap last week I realized Korban had very little winter clothing that fit.  As in only, oh, one pair of pants that fit + one long sleeve shirt.  We went looking for some Carter's clothing and I was shocked by how expensive full priced clothing items are.  4 onesies for $26?  Really?  I am so blessed by hand-me-downs + consignment items.  Anyways, the onesies I actually found on sale for $16 but the pants I just couldn't cough up $8 for--really?  So, I went home that night and cut out 7 pairs of pants, a shirt + 3 hats from old t-shirts.

This outfit is part of the results.  The others may or may not be photographed.  Time is not the greatest commodity these days.  Though, it has been in greater abundance because of so many helping hands. 

Love my sweet sailor boy.

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