Tuesday, June 28, 2011

While the Cat's Away...

...the grandparents + grandchildren will play.

Micah thoroughly enjoyed Grandma's cooking.
The chocolate chip pancakes were especially delicious.

At the recommendation of a friend we check out Pinaklicious at the library on our library outing and read it together.  Of course, Ivory *loved* it.

Well, Grandma decided that Ivory and her would have to make their own pink cupcakes while Mommy & Daddy were away at camp.  They made cupcakes and cupcones.  We used to have cupcones to celebrate our half birthdays with our good friends the Ross girls growing up.  We'd ice them and eat them off the dishwasher lid.  Brings back such good memories seeing this picture.

And then Grandma decided it would be fun to make edible play dough together.  This was, of course, also very exciting and delicious I hear.

Grandpa enjoyed lots of snuggles.
Ivory was spoiled with super fun bath times (bath soap paint, color tablets, and fun foam).
Grandpa was the "official playmate."

And Ivory received another lesson in paper airplane making.  He thought she might need it. 

Background story: when I was little I had some, um, let's see, attitude issues?  I often needed some alone time (i.e. time outs) with me, myself, and I.  When I'd finally get quiet, well Mom may or may not have "forgotten" I was in time out.  Not daring to cross the threshold for fear of Mother's wrath I'd stay in my room and attempt to make paper airplanes (I didn't actually know how to make them) and fly them into her room as a subtle reminder of my current condition.  Yes, Ivory will probably need them, too.

Ivory also enjoyed daily swimming with Grandma and frequent pizza & donut dates with Pa.  Micah and Ivory enjoyed trips to the park and time with MikeMike, Bobo, and Cassie.  They were excessively spoiled with sugar, attention, and love.  And we're grateful for it.  I'm so glad my kids have such precious, godly, generous grandparents on both sides.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  Even if we do have to live with the results...


Timothy said...

cupcones are the bestest!!!

Goober said...

Grandpa invokes the 5th amendment to avoid incrimination!!!! Sure miss my grandbabies!