Thursday, June 9, 2011

VBS - Day 4

Our modern art splatter + free paint wall

Story wall--yesterday's story illustrated about Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night (John 3)...and a man swimming in a pool in his cone-shaped house...??

Illustrating today's story about Jesus offering the Samaritan woman at the well living water.

Memory verse game led by Devan--he's doing a great job! Today's memory verse: Matthew 28:19-20 (The Great Commission)

More memory verse game shots

Snack time & games in the gym

Today's new student!

Basketball time to let out a tiny sliver of today's over-abundance of energy!

Girl sighting: Sweet Savanah

Travis stylin with some pink & blue socks

My extremely energetic group waiting for music to begin

Our new student is one smiley kid! His sweet smile was very encouraging today amidst some rough spots.

While today was a bit more challenging, presenting itself with more discipline incidents and injuries then I care to see/experience, we had fun and accomplished our main purpose--sharing about Jesus. I pray that the seeds planted this week will grow on fertile ground, be watered, and flourish.

Becuase my boys needs extra watch care & love today I couldn't sneak over to pics of my cuties, but I hear they both did great and had fun! Ivory loves talking about VBS, inviting, kids to VBS and even sings the songs at home. I think she'll be one sad girl come Saturday.

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