Thursday, June 30, 2011


May 2011

Ivory riding in the car with Grandaddy, Nana and Aunt Mel on the way to Grandmother’s. “Grandaddy and Nana go together.” Points to Aunt Mel with a confused look, “You don't have a people to go with…”

Mother’s Day morning Ivory bursts into the bedroom, “Happy Mommy’s day!” giving me a big hug. Mom, “Thank you! I love your snuggles.” Ivory looks at Micah who’s on the bed next to me, “Ah, I have to say Happy Micah’s day, too! Happy Micah’s day! I have to give him snuggles!”

Ivory picks up some papers and pretends like she’s reading a story, “There was once Cinderella, and no pastors. And a giant! And a baby. Hi! I’m Uncle Matt.” Interesting story…She then looks at me and asks, “How’s your family doing?”
Ivory calling from the other room, “This? Your highness.” She’s taking to calling me that lately. Not going to say I mind, either.

Jason and I riding in the car to some friends house after church discussing who we saw in church. We mention we didn’t see Lyndsey and Ivory piped up from the back, “Oh, Lyndsey is sick.” Who told you that? “Mrs. Donna.” She then proceeded to tell us how Lyndsey feels and what’s going on with her. “I’m sad, Mom. I’m sad at Lyndsey for being sick.” Guess we have a new source of information.

Ivory sees a doggy outside and comes in telling me about him excitedly, "He was like this (chomping with her teeth)." Why did he do that? "He was itchin' for da bugs."

Ivory’s recent form of manipulation: “I liiiike lemonade (or fill-in-the-blank). I do.” Repeated until offered to her.

Ivory: not understanding/hearing what is said, “What’d you said?”
Mom: “Ivory, say, ‘Ma’am?’”
Ivory, “Ma’am, what’d you said?”

June 2011
Mommy crying a little bit thinking about having to leave my babies the next morning for camp.
Ivory, “Mom, are you a little bit sad?”
Mom, “Yes. I’m sad to say goodbye to you.”
Ivory, “Want me to sing you a song and make you feel better?”
Mom, “That would be nice.”
Ivory proceeds to sing How Great is Our God…and whatever else came to her mind at the moment.

Grandma tells Ivory that they’re leaving Sunday morning.
Ivory, “Why?” (her favorite question currently)
Grandma, “We have to go to our home.”
Ivory, “But, I love you!”

Very excited about finally seeing MikeMike, Bobo, and Cassie again Ivory exclaims, “I wear this dress and MikeMike will say I’m pretty!”

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