Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Lunch

Mom helped me pull off a delicious Father's day meal for the great men in our lives. I'm so grateful that two years in a row I've been able to spend Father's day with my wonderful dad and my precious husband. So special. Mom and I made mashed potatoes, salad, crescent rolls, zucchini casserole, and a fruit tray. Dad was kind enough to grill some delicious steaks that Mom marinated.

While Mom and I cooked Ivory "cooked" for Pa in her outdoor kitchen as the grillmaster was hard at work. Micah was practicing his fathering skills inside.

He happily pushed this stroller around for half the time we cooked and ate snacks the other half. Notice he is pushing around his favorite toy--"Ba, ba, ba."

All that daddy business wore Micah out so he couldn't keep his sleepy eyes awake long enough to enjoy our Father's day meal--don't worry, Micah, we saved you some. Love my sweet family.

Notice Ivory digging in--her steak was nearly gone by the time we said the blessing. She *loves* Pa's steaks, as do the rest of us. I'm grateful for such special fathers and that my children are blessed to have such a wonderful dad, grandpa, and grandaddy. Thanks, dads!

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