Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day x 3

A few reasons why you fathers are so very amazing.

Jason Father of our children 3
A few of the reasons we love you so:

- you lead our children in righteousness

Micahel Newman Photography

-you gently, yet firmly guide them

Michael Newman Photography

-your playfulness never ceases to bring laughter and joy

Michael Newman Photography

-your sense of adventure is contagious

Michael Newman Photography

-comfort is readily found in your strong arms

Michael Newman Photography

-our children find rest in your arms

Michael Newman Photography

-as much as you love our children, you put our marriage first and always find time for romance

Jack Father of mine and my siblings 3
I have so many wonderful memories growing up with a dad as wonderful as you. Your integrity, wisdom, and love have made an indelible impression on me. I think what I've enjoyed the most is watching you love on yoru grandchildren.

Pa's heart was immediately stolen when little Bright Eyes 2.0 first looked at him. She's the only one I'm willing to share that place in his heart with.

He loves thoroughly spoiling his grandchildren, which includes mulitple trips to the donut shop and Ivory & Pa pizza dates.

While searching through pictures it was near impossible to find a picture of Micah and Pa, because our little princess loves to monopolize Pa's time. Don't think this means Micah doesn't adore his Pa. The past two days he's been asking for, "Pa, Pa, Pa" when waking up from his naps. Precious.

Arthur Father of my husband and his siblings 3
While I wasn't raised with you, I've grown to love and respect you. Your strength of character, zeal for the Lord, and love for your family is admirable and has definitely been passed down to his son. I have especially enjoyed watching him interact with his grandchildren.

Grandaddy with his first grandson.

Grandaddy never ceases to bring fun and laughter to his grandkids lives.

Ivory expresses it perfectly--I love you. We love you Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandaddy!

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