Monday, June 13, 2011

Surprise Package

Who doesn't *love* getting fun, surprise packages in the mail?!  I LOVED getting mail as a kid...the excitement is still there, but has worn off a little since now it's mostly fliers & bills.  But, when a day like today comes with a surprise package, well that is an EXCITING day to stop at the post office!  My dear friend, Danielle, sent me a very thoughtful package with a sweet card that may or may not have made me tear up, a funny & informational postcard, a blast from the past shirt, gift card for baby 3 and this fabulous necklace she picked up in Guam on one of her many traveling adventures (this girl is super hard to track down--she travels like crazy!).  I love that no matter how long Danielle & I go without talking, we stay dear friends.  She has been so precious and faithful to me in some of my most unlovable years.  Danielle, thanks for the fun package and for being such a dear friend.

Okay, so when I put on this black dress this morning I looked through my necklaces and just didn't love how anything looked with it.  A fleeting thought of a new necklace passed through my mind and I immediately dismissed it as greedy and unecessary.  And I couldn't even imagine what I would want to go with this dress so I settled for some big earrings.  Then the surprise package on the way to run errands.  Seriously?  A necklace that goes PERFECTLY with the dress I was already wearing?!  And the earrings match great, too. 

It was one of those moments where I thought, wow, God, you spoil me.  Love the button clasp closure.

It was also a fun surprise that my husband decided to spend the day tagging along with me as I ran errands.  He didn't want me to have to push the heavy cart and he figured that today might be as close to a date as we get for a while.  I sure have a special man.

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