Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Youth Camp 2011

There was lots of love on the bus ride to camp...

some laughter

some sleeping

some eating

and after fixing the bus that broke down 10 miles from camp...a safe arrival to our comfortable rooms. My sweet roomies, Hanah and Angela.

The girls got the place on the bottom of the hill (hallelujah!) and on the bottom floor--whoot, whoot!  Aliya & Lyndsey walking to dinner.

Meals at Shocco Springs were great!  See Hanah & Mrs. Marie's happy faces?


My sweetie and our fearless leader

We had some amazing worship services with wonderful worship music and incredible preaching by Bobby McGraw.

The Global Youth Camp staff did an amazing job leading worship, the camp, and everything else.
Travis & Chester



Mrs. Marie--our great, consistent, loyal youth helper of many years.

Jason's brother, Matthew, did an incredible job as King Godrick in the camp drama.

Warrior games

Chris showing team 2...spirit...

Team 2 strategizing

Jason, Mrs. Marie, Stephen

My sweetheart--loved stealing a few minutes here and there with him.

Mrs. Marie wrapping poor Stephen's swollen, sprained ankle.

Kane all a blur

The winning team at camp gets to feed the losing team "the funk" (leftover food from the week).  Sooo, two of our kids got to eat the funk.  Aliya got to feed the funk to John.

Epic scene in the camp drama

King Godrick

Honoring one student from each team (12 teams) with the most team spirit.

Way to go, Hanah--lots of team spirit!

Stephen, in the middle, honored for the most servant-hearted on his team.

Endcaps: Aliya & Stephen: recognized for the most memory verses quoted on their teams.

Aliya--overall camp winner for most memory verses quoted--2 years in a row.  Way to go, girl!

My ssweet roomies, Angela & Hanah were such great roommates!

Group shot: Jason, Chris, Blake, Gauge, Randy, Travis, Stephen, Kane, Chester, Austin, Jon (camp counselor), John, Morgan, Brittney, Aliya, Stephen, Hanah, Mrs. Marie, Raven, Joni, Shelby, Lyndsey, Angela.

Crazy teens!

Love my sweetie and excellent leader.

Soooo, we had some bus trouble.  A lot, actually.  But, our students learned the value of prayer and began to pray as soon as the bus wouldn't start and saw God answer the prayers quickly.

On the bus ride home we were all pretty tired

and most had to get their media fix after being stripped of all personal technological devices for 4.5 days

Our students enjoying some Ninja warrior games while waitin for our bus to be fixed.

Blake thought he'd treat these college age students to some of his special dancing.

Click play if you're feeling brave:

Morgan writing her Scripture of the day on the bus ride home.

Still not sure why Kane bought a doo rag...

We were all challenged to be Warriors for Christ through the stories and personal applications found in 1 & 2 Samuel.  It was an exciting, convicting, challenging, exhuasting, week.  I missed my kids like CRAZY and am so glad to be home with them.  I'm grateful for the chance to serve with my husband, but I'm also grateful to come home with him to our precious children.  Thanks, Mom & Dad for taking such good care of them while we were away!  Ah, home sweet home.

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