Saturday, June 11, 2011

VBS - Family Night

My boys hanging out waiting for Family Night to begin.

They were more then a little antsy all night.

Micah man enjoyed watching sister sing while hanging with Pa & Grandma, but he had to leave early to go to bed.

Micah, Pa, Grandma & Randy hangin' out

Jason did a fantastic job leading the Family Night.

Pledges & songs

We had a pretty good crowd

My mom did a great job putting together a vide of the week to show the parents--great job, Mom!

I got to see my cutie pie perform some songs she learned in Pre-school music.  Of course, there will be excessive pictures & video of my little cutie pie.

She actually did hand motions on stage for the first time ever! Talk about one proud momma!!

Ivory's favorite song. She goes around the house singing this one, so cute!

A longer video that more accurately reflects how she sang, lots of bouncing, a few hand motions, and very distracted by the "big kids" behind her...

The older kids singing

My boys did a really great job

Short clip of the 1st-6th graders singing

Fun songs this year!

Jason did a great job presenting the gospel.
Great night where I enjoyed meeting the boys families when they visited our classroom. I hope I'll see them this Sunday for VBS Sunday!

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