Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VBS - Day 3

We had a great 3rd day of VBS with 3 new class members. Only one didn't make it back today, so we had 9 students today--I just hope it keeps growing like this and that ALL will return! The more who hear about Jesus the better! The class has lots of energy and we have a good time together. The morning was spent in the classroom doing morning exercises, quoting Bible verses for team points, reading & learning the Bible story about Nicodemus coming ot Jesus by night, looking up Bible verses on salvation and discussing them, memory verse games, and more Bible verse quoting. We then headed to music and were greeted by this adorable face...that wasn't too happy Mommy was taking a picture instead of taking him out of his stroller...

Crazy boys waiting for music to start.

3rd & 4th graders music class

While the boys were in music I snuck over to check on Ivory and actually got to say hi to her today!

Ivory, "Mommy, I'm SO tired." Mommy, "That would be because you didn't nap yesterday..." She gave me some good snuggles and acted sentimental, a rare occasion when I visit class. The enjoyment of snuggle time outweighed the guilt for interrupting class time.

Sweet Izzie--Ivory and Izzie were due the same day and born 3 days apart. She's the youngest of 3 and Ivory's the oldest of 3.


I coaxed a smile out of her before leaving class. And "miraculously" she didn't feel tired anymore when nap time came around...until she fell asleep after a few tantrums and only a few minutes of laying down.

Preschool NYC wall art

Snack time!

Releasing a small portion of very abundant energy with some ball games.

Micah lovin' him some more ball time.

Waiting for the evangelism service to begin. Jason filled in for Brother Mike and did an excellent job--so proud of my man!

Some of my boys + my very awesome co-worker & dad.

We had a great day and at the end of the service there were eight kids from the 3rd-6th grade classes with questions/decisions about salvation--awesome. Tomorrow they'll be counseled so please pray!

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