Friday, June 3, 2011

Flat Front Shorts

With our recent switch to cloth diapering I've noticed Micah's cutie booty doesn't fit so well into his shorts. Enter: perfect opportunity to practice some new sewing skills! I've never done a lot of pants/shorts sewing, so it's nice to start with just some simple, elastic back, flat front shorts for a little boy where very little fitting is involved. Every pair of shorts needs some tweaking, and I've yet to be completely satisfied with my pattern size & style adjustments. However, overall, they're functional and I did love the white shorts paired with his new pink button-up we got on sale at the Carter's outlet on our trip to Destin.

4 pairs were made from dress shirts my dad gave me that didn't fit or he no longer wore. The white shorts were made from a blouse a friend no longer needed and the black check was some fabric I had on hand...not exactly sure where I got it.

My favorites are the white and the blue check. Working on cranking out a few more and have some other projects cut out...hopefully they won't stay in the cut-out pile too long. Also been working on prego-shirt makeovers and made lots of cute bow ties! Hopefully pictures will come before too long...

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