Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Day

We started off our day with an early Father's day celebration since Father's day will be a busy one for us.  Ivory and Micah helped make this shirt for daddy last year and the following shirt this year.

I can hardly believe how close in size Ivory & Micah's feet are!

Love that my husband views our children like God's Word states

We also got daddy a hat and some flip-flops--it was a big hit.
A kind neighbor offered his pool to us so we took the kids swimming after a pancake breakfast.

Grandpa snapped this shot for us.

After swimming we were all worn out so went home for snacks and a nap.  Then, more outdoor play!

I love these precious little faces.  People are starting to say more and more how much Micah favors Ivory.  They definitely grow more alike in appearance as Micah grows older.  Their personalities are still as night and day as ever.  Sugar and spice makes for  a tasty treat, right?  They make life that much more fun...and yes, challenging.

While the day was thoroughly enjoyable, Ivory did have more then a few meltdowns and tantrums.  This girl just can't seem to handle life with too much ease.  Good thing she's so darn cute!

Micah was content as ever...and enjoyed a few spoonfuls of mud.

It was super hot out and the kids drank more of Mom & Dad's water then I think we did.

My kids sure do adore their dad.

The cup is nearly as big as her head, love that her little face is still this small!

Cleaned up, ate pizza, and had a family movie night!  Micah only lasted a short while before crashing after a long day of play.  Ivory was very snuggly with Mom--a rare and beautiful experience I'll treasure.

Grandpa decided he would take the opportunity to take Grandma on a date, but not without saying goodbye to the kiddos first when he heard that Micah woke up asking for "Pa, Pa, Pa."  Ivory wasn't too impressed that Pa was taking Grandma on a date and not her.  She eventually decided it was okay and gave Grandma some instructions before she left, "Jesus is in your heart.  He will give you the answers and keep you in the right direction."  Then she gave them both some final instructions, "No fighting.  Be home before dark.  I might be scared.  There might be bears."

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