Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VBS - Day 2

Today was another great day! And the Lord brought us 3 new students! We focused on LOVE today and the Bible story was about the crazy love a woman demonstrated when she washed Jesus' feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair, kissed them repeatedly and anointed him with an alabaster vial. I challenged the boys to illustrate acts of crazy love they could show Jesus. One student drew a water fountain so all the homeless people could have free water and wouldn't have to fight over a dime for a soday. =) Others drew pictures from the story, Bibles, and the plan of salvation. Another one drew a whale...and stick figures...and neither of us knew exactly why...Gotta love a glimpse into the mind of 3rd & 4th grade boys.

Memory verse game with Mr. Devan. Today's verse: "We love because He first loved us." I John 4:9

Another memory verse game that involved hopping, quoting...and destroying the papers they hopped on (their favorite part--see how many they can tear to pieces while hopping).

Illustrating today's story on our story wall.

Splatter paint posters--will post pictures of the completed project tomorrow. They turned out pretty awesome.

The boys were hesitant at first, afraid of getting paint on their clothes. When I explained it's washable paint (and boy it better be!) they got a little too comfortable and a few decided that splatter painting each other would be more fun then splatter painting the posters. Yes, I made quick end to that and they did a nice job re-focusing on the poster project.

Joni brought Micah Man around to see the artists at work.

Her star pupil...and her only one.

Music! I was proud that all seven (2 not pictured here) of my boys did an awesome job at music singing and doing the hand motions. It *might* be because I threatened to wring their necks said I'd give the team with the most enthusiastic singers 500 points.  They're pretty into the team competition for the big prize at the end of the week.

Micah loves hangin' with John.

I snuck over to Ivory's wing while my class was playing basketball in the gym supervised by the men of the team.  I took a few pictures throught eh window...this is the best I could get since they were having story time in the box boat.

Her tiny little head was all I could see every once in a while peeking out.

Another class in preschool music, aren't their little ears darling?!

Headed back to the gym and captured some shots of Pa stealing some Micah time.

Micah LOVES playing ball.

He often finds balls, throws them around the house, and chases them.  Yes, he is that good at entertaining himself.  No, you can't have him.  He's my sweet boy.

Worship Rally before the kids head home.

Pledges, songs, drama video, missions video, announcements, etc.

Jason taking Brother Mike's place, because...

Christina finally had her baby!!! 
She welcomed Michael into the world at 1:33AM. 
7lbs. 15oz. 21in.

Can't wait to see more pictures--only wish we could be there to greet and cuddle this sweet boy!  Congratulations Christina, Nate & family.  Love you all so much!  Oh, and bonus he was born on my niece, Larissa's 1st birthday!

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