Saturday, June 30, 2012

Indiana :: Day 3

Day three brought lots of fun in the sun at Tim's house!  Lynne + Ben have a pool + a huge yard with fun outdoor toys.  Not going to lie, my kids also think Tim's toys are pretty awesome--especially Micah.  Trains, trucks, and cars--ya, he's one happy boy.  And can I just say Timothy did an *amazing* job sharing his home + toys + room with us all week?!  So impressed, Tim.

Pizza + pool fun!  We were also joined by Lynne's good friend, Emily, and her two cuties, Teagan + Charlette.
So ladylike.


Ivory in the frigid water with Gom Gom.  It was warm outside...not so in the water.

Korban even allowed some other people to hold him...for a short time. Carter + Micah enjoying Tim's slide + castle.
One of the perks of Daddy not joining us on this trip (basically the only perk) is that Micah actually wanted to spend time with Mommy.  Hooray for Mommy + Micah time!  Especially since Ivory hardly even knew I existed that week. 
The surprising thing is with all those little ones you'd imagine there would be a lot more of this: 

But really the crying was kept to a minimum.  They were too busy to cry much.

Korban began to allow Pa to keep him a little more each day.  This was nice when Mom wanted to actually eat with two free hands!
Teagan, Emily's cutie, joined right in the fun.  I fell in love with his blonde curls + precious little face.  This picture doesn't capture even a fraction of his cuteness. So Belle's dress was in dire need of repair.  Aunt PP volunteered her mom's superior sewing skills.  But, Ivory was very concerned about Belle being nakey while her dress was in repair.  Well, Aunt PP solved that with a quick project runway "make it work" moment whipping up this dress with scissors + a small scrap of fabric in mere minutes.  Impressive, Aunt PP.  Here's Audrey showing off Aunt PP's handiwork.  That night Mommy + Micah enjoyed some good snuggle time while watching his all time favorite movie Cars.   Micah patting the seat next to him, "Mommy sit?  Mommy sit.  Snuggle!"  How can I resist?!
Silly pictures for daddy!  We sure missed daddy.

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