Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anniversary Beach Getaway

After our day of celebrating we took the next two days to celebrate on a little overnight getaway to the beach--thanks to my parents + some babysitters.  Thanks, guys!
Red Brick pizza now serves gluten free pizza.  So, of course, we stopped there for lunch before heading out on the beach for some sun + sand.

The water + weather was gorgeous. Red robin made for a delicious dinner.  The next day we enjoyed breakfast at Waffle House.  I know, greasy + seedy.  But we have so many memories of study "non-dates" there.  Then we headed back to the beach.
After the beach we did a little bit of shopping at an outdoor mall.  I snagged some cheap sunglasses that look great, but I've found to be quite foggy.  Guess that's what I get for being cheap!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time away but it was good to come home to our sweet babies.  Upon our arrival home we were greeted with love + hugs + mommy was presented with this special leaf treasure.  Love my kids. 

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