Friday, June 22, 2012

Michael Turns 1

A few weeks ago we were priviliged to celebrate Michael's 1st birthday at Meme + Papa's!

Here's the burlap birthday banner I made Michael: The birthday boy with his Aunt Cassie.   Meme has beautiful gardens + delicious vegetables. We got another pony ride this year!
Micah wasn't too excited about it.  Michael was game, though.  And Ivory loved it!
MikeMike + Korban Michael walking with Papa (his great grandpa) + Aunt Cassie. Micah was still trying to wake up so was very clingy to daddy for most of the party.  Ivory was her vivacious little self. Lots of people, presents, pictures + food! Michael dug right in to his cake.  Sadly he broke out from all the sugar frosting. =(  But, he didn't seem bothered and went right on playing and smiling.  Korban enjoyed playing with Michael's new toys + the kids loved making their drums.
Nina did a great job making the party very kid friendly. 
We had fun celebrating with you, Michael!

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Rosemary Mibus said...

I see Aaron in one of the pictures. Looks like every body had a great family time for Michaels 1st Birthday.