Friday, June 29, 2012

Indiana :: Day 2

On our first full day in Indiana we went back to the Ross home (we stayed at Lynne, Ben + Timothy's house each night). 

I absolutely loved watching Micah + Larissa interact.  With their blonde hair, blue eyes, same height + developmental level they looked like they could be twins!  They're only a few weeks apart in age.  So, so cute together.  In these pictures they're chasing a toad together--and mimicking each other's every move.  Love it. 
Aunt PP is one awesome aunt.  The kids love her!  She is going to make one amazing mom.
Sweet Shiloh, Princess Larissa + Micah Man Shiloh showing mommy (Maggie) her toad.  Shiloh was the only one brave enough to actually hold it.    If Ivory was to be seen you can be certain Ivory was with her.  Ivory was like Audrey's shadow...or the other way around.  Ivory pretty much wore poor Audrey out during our stay.  She was awfully sweet to my little girl.  Audrey the kid magnet.  Seriously, I've never seen a teenager attract kids like this girl does. Meal times were exciting trying to wrangle seven kids three and under as well as however many adults were present (between eight - eleven adults any given meal).  The Ross' are amazing, though, and did it all with relative ease--or at least the appearnce of ease. Kid table!  This trip definitely revealed my kids serious need of table manner training...yes, they were the ones encouraging the other kids to blow bubbles in their drinks, play with their food, and have laughing/play screaming contests.  (hiding my face in I also try not to laugh) Micah loved all the cats on the farm. Mrs. Ross' rock fountain was an immediate and drenching hit.  Grandparent lovin' was in great abundance. And if the kids got tired outside they could come indoors for more fun with Gom Gom's (Mrs. Ross) plethura of toys. Then came the blow up pool.  So small.  So simple.  They LOVED it.  And for once they were all in one place.   
Which gave all tired adults a chance to sit.  For at least a few minutes.
Just in case you need to not only see the fun but *hear* it:
"Micah don't drink the water..."

Classic Pam.

Korban mostly observed all the fun, periodically he'd join it...but only if it wasn't too far from Mommy.  He's definitely a major mommy's boy right now.  He's pretty much addicted.  And you know, for the most part I'm totally okay with that.  I've learned how quickly little boys grow up and want only daddy.  Which is good.  At least I tell myself it is.  And I know it is.  But, it's nice when that little boy still wants Mommy snuggles.  Love my sweet boys.

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