Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Stop in Tennessee

Two weeks ago we headed off on an adventure with Grandma + Pa to visit our lifelong friends in Indiana.  We woke early early and headed out in Grandma + Pa's vehicle.  The kids started off the ride hopeful, excited, and happy.
I perfected the art of lulling Korban to sleep in the car while on this trip.
They all nodded off after a few hours.
And then awoke happy.  We read lots of books, watched lots of movies on the table, and played a lot of games on the LeapPad + iPhone.  Thank the Lord for electronics!  The kids really did *amazing* making it the best long car ride I've EVER had with them.  We got 8 hours of driving under our belt the first day with very minimal crying.  We stopped in Tennessee to visit with my good friend, Danielle.  Ivory was very excited to see Danielle again and we walked all around Danielle's house picking flowers + exploring.  Micah found Danielle's to be especially exciting since you could see a train pass every few hours.

Pa treated us to a delicious dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  Again, the kids good behavior far exceeded my expectations.  A sit down meal after such a long car ride could have been potentially disastrous--but they were fabulous. 

It definitely helped that next door was a tractor supply store.  Micah was in tractor heaven. Danielle is an extremely gracious hostess and put all 6 of us up in her adorable home.  She gave up her bedroom so our family could sleep comfortably.  So grateful for her friendship--and so glad to catch her in town before she took off for another overseas trip.  Danielle travels the world with her current position at Bryan College.
  We all slept great and felt refreshed after a yummy breakfast of eggs, fresh fruit, crescent rolls with homemade jam + french pressed coffee. I was one tired momma in the car for the second leg of our trip, but it was totally worth the lack of sleep to catch up with such a dear friend I see too infrequently.
We press onward to Indiana!

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