Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 20th Celebration Weekend

So I mentioned that the 20th was a special day of multiple celebrations.  So, of course, we had to celebrate!

I woke to this beautiful vase stuffed full with wildflowers!  Jason compelled the teenagers to help him pick them on the side of the road while coming home from their disaster relief training.  While waiting for church to start the kids entertained themselves by decorating Uncle Matt with post it notes.  Uncle Matt is a patient man.  
I was grateful the kids were entertained so I could spend time on our fancy lunch preparations.  I love a good reason to pull out the china.

Our meal wasn't anything fancy, just my favorite beef stew crock pot recipe.  Something delish + simple that would be ready as soon as church was out.  Also served some corn muffins on the side.

The day before I made a gluten free anniversary cake (6) + some small yellow cakes + cup cones (that icing is supposed to be orange (Micah's current favorite color).  The cup cones were for Micah to take to Sunday School to celebrate his birthday with friends. Jason had the kids make me a special card--so sweet.  We also had some fun taking a few pictures after church.   Ivory enjoying her cake.  And yes, she asked to sit in the high chair. 
Micah + Uncle Matt

Jason enoyed his chocolate gluten free cake. I'm so glad we could celebrate our special day with family--the ones who were there to support us from the beginning and have continued to during the past six years.
Grateful for this man who helped guard my heart + protect + provide for me until he was ready to give me away to my fine husband. Grandma + Pa helped Ivory get a birthday present for Micah.  Micah loves his tractor!  

Micah also received legos from his Nana + Grandaddy. They were a hit--with all the boys. 
We spent the afternoon playing games--one of my favorites. And when the kids woke from their naps we snuck away to the beach.

Where we found a kite.
That obviously still worked.

6 year kiss


The kids love it when their dad digs up a crab.

Love my sweet girl.  Beautiful beach day.  The kids loved examining a mussel. We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset.
Thank you to all who have contributed to the past six years to make them so special.  Praise God for His faithfulness and blessings.

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