Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day

We were super excited to celebrate Father's day with Daddy + Pa this year!  Ivory + Micah painted pictures for daddy (Micah's the blue + green, Ivory's the red).  Ivory also painted a plate for MikeMike (not pictured), a plate for Pa (red plate), and a plate for Grandaddy (blue + green).  The plates were all Ivory.  First gift of the day!  The kids picked one picture for daddy to open before church.  Our annual hand painted Dad t-shirt!  The silhouette is Ivory + Daddy's actual silhouettes with add ins of Micah + Korban look-a-likes.  Our attempt at a picture of daddy + kids after church.  Grandma is amazing--thank you for pitching in and making father's day a great day! Ivory + Uncle Matt watching daddy open his presents. Daddy opening his presents.  He got a picture photo album, a personalized mug and card. Ivory + Micah also made hand painted presents in Wednesday night class for daddy. 
We have one amazing daddy in our family.  I also have an incredible dad myself.  We love the men in our life!

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