Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kid Qwips

May 2012

Micah walking through the department store with daddy comes across the lingerie department and points at every pair of panties as he walks by commenting, “Cuuute. Cuuute. Cuute.”

Micah sees a picture of one of our senior girls in her wide v-neck for senior portrait (not even off the shoulder—modest) laughs, “Ahh! Lyndsey nakey!”

Micah cannot stand to be nakey unless he’s bathing and *must* wear a shirt.

Micah has a shoe obsession and is EXTREMELY particular about what shoes he will and will not wear. He currently will wear his black lace-up converse + his reef sandals (which we found after a ridiculous amount of shoe shopping—I think the key is having daddy put them on him).

Micah adores daddy. When going to bed he always asks, “Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Office? Daddy?” Mom hardly even gets a goodnight kiss. Where has mommy’s boy gone?!

Ivory on a date with Pa, “Pa when are we going to go home?” Pa sort of beating around the bush to avoid heartbreak as Ivory didn’t want to return home, “I’m not sure.” Ivory, “Pa you’re just not very smart ‘cause you don’t know when we’re going home. Grandma knows when we are going home so she’s smart.”

Ivory on the phone with Bobo asking her to come see the princesses (Ivory dressed as Snow White + Mommy as Princess Aurora), Bobo mentions that she could come over there. Ivory (very concerned voice): “No! We can’t go over there ‘cause MikeMike will throw up on our pretty dresses!” (MikeMike was sick last week)

Peeking in on Ivory while she’s napping she semi-wakes and immediately whispers, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Mommy, “I know baby, you can go back to sleep.”

Ivory, “Ok.” Guilty conscience?

Ivory: “Usually I just sleep on Uncle Matt’s pillow. It smells like him. It smells good like him. I think he just left it here so I could smell him whenever I want to.” Do you love him? “Yes!”
Asking Ivory if she enjoyed the beach on our ride home.

Ivory: “The water was fun but it was bad. It was killing me and trying to put me in a whale mouth. The waves hit me down and catched me. Poor Ivory.”

June 2012

Mommy: Micah can I have a kiss?
Micah: No way! (laughs)

Micah loves saying, “Aw man!”
Micah’s vocabulary has just exploded and he talks all the time and now speaks in short sentences. He is extremely friendly and loves telling all people + cars + planes + helicopters he sees, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”

Micah as we’re pulling out of the driveway, “Bye house! Bye house! Hi cars!”

One of Micah’s favorite words: again.

While climbing + sliding with MikeMike he repeatedly says, “Again. Again.”
MikeMike: "That’s your favorite word. (joking) We need to get you to learn some new words."
Micah: "Words."

Ivory, “MikeMike is just good at grilling sometimes ‘cause he sometimes makes mistakes. Pa is just good at grilling all the time.” (He might not be smart but at least he can grill…=)

Ivory: “Mommy, I just made my bed straight so you wouldn’t have to.” I’ve never even talked to her about making her bed—such a sweetie!

Mommy goes in to get Ivory up. “Ivory can I lay down with you for a minute while you wake up?”
Ivory: “Sure!” As she wraps her arm around Mommy, pulls me close and says, “Friends.”

Ivory is getting ready to head to the 5th wheel for the night to watch a movie and go to bed with Grandma and Pa. Micah looks at Mommy, “Tired. Tired. Tired.” Small sigh.
Mommy: “Tired?”
Micah: “Yes, tired.”
Mommy: “Want to go lay in your big bed?”
Micah. “No. Tired. 5th Wheel. 5th Wheel. Movie. Tired.”
Mommy: “You want to go to the 5th wheel and watch a movie?”
Micah: “Yes.”
The conniving starts so young…and so cutely. And it was totally worth letting him go to see how cute my little ones were laying in the bed together watching their movie. When I checked on them he pats the bed next to him and says, “Day (lay) down, Mommy. Day down.” Then Ivory moves her stuff over and I got to snuggle both my babies.

Micah loves hugging + kissing on his classmates in Sunday School and VBS. He apparently loves staring at and following little girls + the teenage girls around the classroom, tongue hanging out, head tilted, and all. Yes, we have a little ladies man on our hands.

Micah in Indiana watching his all time favorite movie Cars pats the couch next to him looks at Mommy and says, “Sit down? Sit down. Snuggle!” Why, of course!

Mommy: “Can I have a kiss, Micah?”
Micah: “No way!” as he giggles

Ivory riding in the car sleeping. She sits up, opens her eyes, looks at me and says, “Ka chicka, ka chicka, ka chicka boom. I’m being the green car from Cars, Mommy.” I look back a minute later and she’s back asleep. She remembers nothing when she wakes. Love my sleep talker.

Micah looks at me in Indiana while I’m sitting next to a box of donuts and asks, “Do you want a donut?” His first sentence.

In the preschool missions room the kids were watching a missions video during VBS. Micah looks at the teacher and says, “That was a good movie.”

Ivory is on the front porch with Mommy, looks at me and says, “I better go the 5th wheel with Pa. He’s probably all alone in there and very sad.”

Micah taught Bobo how to sign picnic. When I tested him on that and some other signs from the Sign A Lot video he knew more signs then I thought! Ivory was also adding additional signs (correct ones) during the VBS songs for words that she knew the signs for.

Ivory’s classmate Izzie shared with her teacher in Sunday School, “Our family is having a hard time right now.”
Cassie: “Why?”
Izzie: Sad face, “Our dog died.”
Ivory: Very concerned, “Why did he die?”
Izzie: “He was very old.”
Ivory: “Why was he old? Why did he die?”
Izzie: “He had a bad back.”
Ivory: “Well, you don’t have to be sad because he’s in heaven with Jesus!”
Izzie: “No. Doggies don’t go to heaven.”
Ivory: Very sad. “They don’t?!”
The girls then proceed to comfort each other. Love that their discussing theology in Sunday School at the age of 3 and learning to show tenderness and love to each other in hard times.

Ivory: “Mommy. Danielle is my friend. I have lots of friends!”

Ivory: “Mommy we need to pick this flower and take a picture of it and send it to Jeena because she lives a long ways away and the flower will die by the time it gets to her. So we need to take a picture of it and send it to her. I just love Jeena.” Jeena (our church secretary’s daughter) lives in Germany but Ivory still talks about her and misses her.

Korban was standing in his little baby stand thing and grabbed a rose off the rose bush and was making a mess of the petals.
Micah very upset looks at me and says, “Baby! Flower! Baby! Flower!”
Mommy: “It’s okay Micah, KorKor can have a flower.”
Micah: “Mess! Mess!” (this child is *very* OCD)
Mommy: “It’s okay if there’s a mess.”
Micah: “Thorns! Hurt. Baby. Hurt. Thorns!”
Mommy: “That’s true Micah, the thorns could hurt KorKor. Let’s move him.”
Love that he’s looking out for baby brother already.

Micah’s favorite movies to ask for: Cars + Einsteins. “Ine-stIne.”

While in the Ross home in Indiana Ivory looks at me and says, “Mommy, I need to give you a kiss to keep.” Ivory kisses mommy on the left cheek. “This is for you to keep on your cheek until I get married and you are the flower girl then you need to give the kiss back to me on the top of my eye.” (pointing to her top right eye).

Micah loves to respond, “Ya!’ in a high pitched cheery voice. Makes me smile every time.

Working on teaching Micah to say “t-ruck” to avoid his “fruck” sound.

Micah’s favorite word list:
No way
Hold ye
Tank u. Welcome.

Micah has a very tender heart and is especially soft toward girls and stuffed animals. He loves carrying stuffed animals around and giving them kisses. He also loves sending his cars and stuffed animals down the slide over…and over…and over…and over. When the cars head down the slide he yells, “Crash!” with great gusto. All boy this one.

Micah is greatly distressed by messes of any kind.  He washes dishes at restaurants with a wet wipe.  He cleans the table with napkins.  He wipes his nose at the slightest run.  He loves walking around the house cleaning things with wet wipes.  A little Monk in the making.
Ivory seems to become sweeter every day. She constantly comes up to Mommy and whispers in my ear, “I love you!” She is friendly and thoughtful and very funny.
Micah and Ivory love standing on the porch yelling “Hi!” to passerbys.

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