Monday, June 18, 2012

Sundays are for Church

Sundays are our church day.  We love church!  Our kids especially love Sunday School with Cassie + Mrs. Tonia.

Here's Micah reading + playing before church.

Ivory picked out what she would wear this particular Sunday.  "Oooh!  I get to wear gloves like Cinderella!  And after church MikeMike can be my prince charming and dance with me since I have gloves on like Cinderella!"

Micah, "Moonkey cheese!"

I never get tired of watching my kids walk to Sunday School with their Dad.  They usually run into one of their favorite people on the way there, MikeMike.

Sunday School is exhausting to Korban.  He usually sleeps while Mommy does Bible study. 
Paper plate faces made in class--Ivory + Micah face.  I never could get a good answer from Ivory about what they represent.

Apparently church was particularly exhausting today for our littlest one.

It must have been particularly exhuasting to not be still for even a moment during the entire church service.  That and the poking Mommy in the eye part.  Yes, it hurt all day long. 

After naps we spent time on the porch greatly entertained by green beans.

Korban green bean smile...he's not too impressed.

Who knew they could be so entertaining?
That night we went to the gym for a church fellowship honoring Jason's 10 years of ministry at this church.  So many kind words, sweet cards, and good food!  We were also told that the church has voted to add onto our house as the money comes in to a special church fund.  So exciting!

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