Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tupelo Festival

Every year we have a Tupelo festival at the park.  While daddy was at the Disaster Relief Training with the teenagers Grandma, Cassie + Mommy took the kiddos. 

Ivory + Micah enjoyed a pony ride--Grandma + Pa's treat.  Micah + Ivory *loved* the pony ride. While Ivory enjoyed her train ride Micah did fine until the train began pulling away and his face contorted as he cried, "Mommy!"  Pitiful.  So, he survived the ride with Mommy walking + holding his hand.  I thought he was big enough for his own seat this year, but I think he would have been better off in a car with Ivory.  While everything about the festival is exciting, nothing tops the water.  My kids simply adore it.

The kids had their first lunch at the donut shop.  Yes, they also serve lunch--and it's quite delicious.

Glad we could go this year, but hopefully next year daddy can join us, too!

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