Thursday, June 14, 2012

All About Korban

Korban loves his siblings still.  He especially lights up when he sees big sister.  Here he's having fun sitting on big sister's bed holding her cat.  Korban loves tiny things, things that shine, when brother + sister play on the floor with him, water, food, chewing, and mommy.

Korban smiles often, but not quite as much as he used to.  His little runny nose + cough might have something to do with this + his need for extra mommy snuggles. 

He's extra tall + slim for his age.  And of course extra smart + cute + talented.  Just kidding.  Well, of course we think he is, but we're also somewhat unbiased.  Somewhat.  He loves sucking on his paci and his thumb. 

Every food he's eaten he's loved, except green beans.  He sits up unsupported for shor times.  He army crawls like a pro and rocks back and forth on his knees like he can't wait to crawl on his knees.  He can get himself into a sitting up position.  He loves standing + wiggling + constantly moving.

He's tried
  • yellow squash
  • white squash
  • green beans
  • peas + brown rice
  • zucchini
  • prunes
  • apple wheels
  • puffs
Our recent venture is trying to sleep through the night.  The 2AM feeding needs to end.  The pediatrician assures me he's ready for this step.  His pitiful cries will not win...maybe. 

The other day while playing with himself in the mirror he seemed like he was trying to say hi.

He's given mommy lots of kisses two different times.  So sweet!

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