Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's On Your Phone?

Considering buying this fabric to make new cheery seat cushions for the dining room.  I try my best to be content and simplistic in my decorating.  I rarely update things unless necessary or extremely cheap.  But, the seat cushions seam awfully dark and even slightly drear.  These seem childlike, bright, and so fun.  I also thought we could spray some water repellent spray to make them more child-friendly.  If I use the same cushion foam + buy it on sale (or with a coupon) it would be reasonable.  So I'm thinking about it...and waiting until I check some other more pressing projects off my to do list.  I'm so guilty of having boxes (yes, that's plural) full of semi-completed projects.  Whew.  Long explanation for a simple photo.  Opinions?

Korban + I ran around PC with this sweet girl working on getting a photo ID + password for Raven's trip to Nicaragua with Jason + his church team this summer.

Korban was precious but it wore sweet baby out.
I thought Micah might have fun wearing daddy's shirt...he liked the thought...the reality?  Not so much.

Korban is enjoying eating baby food with the big kids!

Hard-earned Mother's day flowers.

Green beans producing!

So many big + beautiful zinnias to attract butterflies!

Pepper's break while out + about running errands + buying groceries.

Then a hard earned stop at the mall play place.  Glad Seana could come along to help out!

Micah's absolute favorite...the T-ruck.  Yes, we're working on guiding his pronunciation.

Korban will happily play in this for nearly a full hour!

The other day he even fell into a sitting position and when I came back in the room he had pulled himself back into a standing position!  Woot!

Serious thumb sucker.  That would be why there's almost always a paci in this boy's mouth.

We love porch play!

So...about the barbie.  I'm not a big fan of Ivory having Barbies.  Naked ladies + two boys don't mix great in my book.  And there are other reasons.  But, they've appeared in our home nonetheless.  And Ivory adores them.  And I have yet to have the heart to take her "dollies" as she calls them.  She thinks of them as her babies.  So, they'll stay a bit longer.  Until we replace them with less revealing "dollies."  She loves it when mommy fixes their hair + accessorizes them for her.

Happy Theater Kinect demo is a big hit in our home with big + little kids alike.

Sunday evening service survival 101.  We're still working on the "how-to-behave-in-church" thing.  It's a slow process.  Very slow.  And bumpy.  Drawing + cell phone games are involved in this process for now.

Though drawing may disappear.  Ivory whispering, "Mommy, this is you!  That's you licking the snot out of your nose."  For the record, she is not recording an actual occurrence.

Every Sunday night after church Ivory begs to go to Bobo's house. This night was no exception.  When we got to the house this is what we saw:

Chilled out watching the races.  Micah, "Cars!  Cars!  McQueen!"  MikeMike finally has someone to appreciate the races with him.

Memorial day we spent the day with some of our favorite people at the beach.  Then we all napped and met back together for grilled steak + shrimp.  Yum!  So grateful for the incredibly sacrificial men + women who daily put their lives on the line and spend time away from their family so we could spend the day with ours.

Korban spent his first day at the beach in the water.  He *loved* being in his float in the ocean.  He nearly fell asleep he was so relaxed + content.  Jason thought if the ocean was so great why not in a bucket of water?

The ride home was very peaceful.

artsy green bean from Jason's garden.

Ivory was extremely excited to take her first bath with Korban.  Korban had a blast splashing + crawling + sitting in a few inches of water. 
Micah taking his Lightning McQueen for a walk in the stroller.  Ivory--check out the socks + shoes. 

Micah loves his McQueen from Pa, can you tell?!

Ivory, "Mommy I just love you and here is a flower for you from my very own flowers."  Heart melt.

Savoring silence during nap time.

Mommy + Korban.  These days Korban wants Mommy a lot.  And while it makes it tiring sometimes I'm savoring it as I have seen with my Micah man how quickly the Mama infatuation fades.  Micah is all about Daddy.  Mommy puts Micah to bed, "Daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy?"  Micah wakes up, "Daddy?  Daddy?"

We we enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach with our friends.  Love this sweet daddy-daughter moment (Addie + Sabian).

Kids Inc. trip park play.
I walked in one morning to find Ivory + Korban like this.  So cute. 

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