Friday, June 15, 2012

What's On Your Phone?

We got this picture from our friend Lynne.  Timothy has the entire set of Cars.  Micah would feel like he's in heaven.

From Christina's phone.  Sweet, happy Michael.

Micah went potty three times in one week.  We bought big boy underwear and will eventually take more steps toward potty training.  Eventually.

Ivory + Micah were so proud of themsleves when they came walking into the 5th wheel living room in Grandma + Pa's shoes.

Walking in Grandma + Pa's shoes.  Big shoes to fill.

We have a new son these days.  Here he is enjoying the Xbox Kinect dance central.

Ivory loves giving her baby brother a bottle.
A friend bought this modcloth dress + posted it on facebook.  Can I say love at first sight?  Dreaming up a way to sew a knock off.

I had a meeting to plan the a friend's baby shower.  During my meeting Jason took the kids walking around the marina.  Brave man.

I returned to find them all happy.  Yes, I married Super Dad.

The day at the marina + around town wore our little girl out.

That night we snuck away for a beach sunset date.

Not the greatest picture, but oh well--real life.

We watched two pelican, I like to think they're mates, feeding + flying at sunset. 
Then we went to one of our senior's graduation parties.  We laughed + danced with our teens.  Most of all we enjoyed spending time together.

Outside play one morning

Timothy playing tug-a-war with the dogs on the farm.  Excited to see him soon!

Michael excited to be coming to visit us in Florida! 
Busy with a variety of crafty projects.

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