Sunday, July 1, 2012

Indiana :: Day 4

Our plans were to wake up on day 4 and head to Richmond for a stop at Kohls (20% off coupon + Kohls cash!) + lunch with Maggie + Shiloh.  Grandma + Pa would stay at the house with Ivory, Carter + Larissa and we'd bring Timothy, Micah + Korban along with us.  Sadly Timothy was up half the night with a nasty stomach bug.  As much as I hated to leave Lynne on her own I knew I wasn't doing her any favors staying with my three kiddos while they were trying to rest + recuperate.  Hate that Lynne + Tim couldn't join us.

We did go ahead and head to Richmond for our little trip.  We found some good deals and then enjoyed lunch at Chipotle.  It was my first Chipotle experience and I must say it was a great one!  The boys did great and we enjoyed a visit to Maggie + Marc's apartment.  So adorable + well organized.  I felt so priviliged to pick out a few pieces of Maggie's *amazing* artwork to hang in my home!  I'm SO SUPER excited to hang it and post the pictures.  I already have a drawing hanging in my room that she did for Jason + I when we married.  I cherish that picture.  I love how we have pieces of the Ross' artwork all throughout our home.  We are blessed with many beautiful handmade gifts.  Love it.

The Ross home from the backside.  So many good summer memories of this place.  We visited Indiana every summer from the time I was a little girl until late in my teen years.  I just love that my kids are able to have as much fun here as we did growing up.  Micah woke up kind of early so was a little fussy still.  I let him watch Cars on his way over and was letting him watch a little more when we got there.  Well, his cousins quickly joined him and I just loved watching their cute little selfs all huddled together laughing + enjoying Micah's favorite scene in the movie--the tractor tipping. 
If I'm in the other room when this scene comes on Micah will come and get me and lead me by the hand to the living room so I can laugh with him.  So funny.

Love how Micah tries to include Carter in the fun and Carter simply wants to watch the movie.
Micah and Larissa would have a blast together if we only lived closer.
Grandma + Korban

Later that afternoon Audrey took Ivory for a horseback ride. Micah watching and wishing...he's such a softie for stuffed animals, hugging, kissing, and carrying them around. Love this view. Korban watching sister intently.  Ivory *loved* her horseback ride and even managed to squeeze another one in the day before we left.  Pa + Carter did lots of puzzles together.  Carter is quite a whiz with those puzzles! 
Mr. Ross = Papaw
Slide fun!
Indoor cousin play--absolutely loved watching the cousins play together this trip! Korban + Mommy spent lots of quality time together this week.  Loving the hat from Lynne--thanks for sharing Tim! Lynne was wonderful about giving Korban loving and Mommy a break.

Lynne + beautiful Rissa
Hated having to say goodbye to that sweet girl and her family.  They had to leave the next morning to head back up to Canada.  Why does Canada have to be so far away?!

Night time wind-down.
My kids always fell alseep quickly each night and slept well after such hard days of play.

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