Friday, July 27, 2012

Appreciate The Cow

Every year Chik-fil-a celebrates Cow Appreciate Day.  It's a blast--dress up like a cow, get free food.  Um, yes?!   We are huge Chik-fil-a fans.  Love their always pleasant, excellent customer service, delcious food (they've (never once messed up my order or given me food I didn't love), generosity, company policies, and family values.  As a teenager I read a biography on Cathy Truett + his company and I was extremely impressed with his business as well as his values.  This is one generous, kind hearted man.  Once his sons were looking all over him to get his advice about a business decision.  They couldn't find him in any of the offices.  Then it struck them, they knew exactly where to find him.  Sure enough, there he was playing with the foster kids at the children's home he opened.  They said that was a perfect description of what kind of man Truett is.  And it shows all the way down to the employee who serves my delicious lemonade or cookies 'n cream milkshake.  Since I love the company so much I *almost* felt guilty taking free food from them...but then they did offer and I must admit we are rather avid supporters year round.

While Jason wasn't too sure about the cow shirt, I think he appreciated it when he went to pay for our meals and his card was slid back across the counter to him.  4 free meals?  Yes, thank you.  Korban promptly wiped his cow nose off + Micah refused to allow his cow ears near him.  And my two oldest drew the line at cow hoofs on their hands.  But, they're still pretty darn cute. 

We plan to make this an annual tradition (two down--lots more to go!).  We really enjoyed the fun these past two years with our friends Sabian, Melissa, and Addie.   little cows -- check out our tails! Little cows loving the play place.  Love that moment between Ivory + Micah while Addie runs to climb in and join the fun.  So sweet.  We also enjoyed a spontaneous outing to Under the Oaks by the Bay after dinner.  The kids enjoyed a very spontaneous romp in the salt marsh (yuk!) where they had an absolutely completely messy blast.   

And for fun:

Thanks for the smiles Tim Hawkins.

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