Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's On Your Phone?

We enjoyed a family trip to Milk + Honey frozen yogurt.

I'm not sure what the kids enjoyed more, the candy toppings or the water spray fan.

We enjoyed some park time to run off all that sugar.

Korban crawls very well, smiles a lot, and wants mom as much as possible.

Sweet sleeper.

We enjoyed getting a picture from the kids' cousin, Bella. We miss her!

We enjoyed a family day at the pool.

I am currently obsessed with stripes.

sleepy riders -1

Mommy + Korban, aka my other appendage.

Micah all tatted up with his cars tats from Pa.
Micah is in love with his Mack truck.

Korban's been needing lots of extra mommy snuggles these days.

My "don't panic" moment when Ivory placed her cherry juice hands on my white white comforter.

The kids have fun playing with their new friend, Weston.

My musical chefs helped bake cookies.

craft time = fun chaos

The kids are still enamored by Elmo + India.

Got out of the shower and found them playing in "Micah's house" aka the air conditioner closet. They thought they were awfully hilarious. So cute.

Loving that braids + buns have made a comeback.

Ivory + friends

Ivory + Mrs. Rossie, the 91-year-old woman Ivory loves. She is quite an inspiring woman. Just last week she called to let us know she had tried a new sugar cookie recipe and had fresh cookies for my kids. And yes she's 91 and battling severe cancer. And she faithfully comes to church and has probably served up more kool-aid to thirsty kids then any person I know.

Ivory entertained baby brother so mommy could get a shower. Bless you sweet child.

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