Monday, July 2, 2012

The Long Ride home

On our car ride home the kids really did well.   But, it was hard on them.  Thankfully they slept quite a bit, exhasuted from our long week.  Micah was pitiful saying, "Tired.  All done.  Car.  All done.  Bed.  Big Bed.  Home.  Go home.  Daddy."  Korban was a trooper and did very little fussing or crying.  I think he really likes having mommy ride next to him. Korban's emotional rollercoaster:

I love how expressive he is growing. Did I mention he says hi? And Dada. And he can baa like a sheep.

We decided to push through and make the 14+ hour trip in one day since we were all a little anxious to get home and Danielle was out of country so even though she sweetly offered her home to us, we wouldn't get to see her.  It was worth the long car ride to sleep in our own beds and to see Daddy!!  The kids were so so happy to see him, and I could hardly wait to be in his arms again.  Hate being separated though it does make the reunion that much sweeter.

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