Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July Celebrations

Yes I know this is a little late in coming...

Daddy had off on the 4th (hooray!).  We had big plans of a family day.  Well, the kids woke up crabby and I was a wreck.  Jason staved off the kids while I pulled my emotional self together and then took a nap.  After we all had some rest and food we pulled ourselves together and did end up with a really nice family evening at the beach where we watched fireworks.    + Korban loved the fireworks and didn't act scared even one bit.  The kids loved the fireworks being set off all around us as much as they did the big ones put on by the city.  We saw some church friends and a beautiful sunset.
The awed expressions as they watched firecrackers set off all around us.  Daddy had to stand with Korban to keep him happy as he was super sleepy.  So these two were my fireworks-watching-snuggle-buddies.  I wasn't sure how Micah would do as he's easily scared by loud noises but he loved them...as long as Mom was close by to snuggle him.  Mom didn't mind even a tiny bit.

Our town had a delayed 4th of July celebration on Friday, July 6th.  While the circumstances were unfortunate (the man who sets off the fireworks passed away unexpectedly) we were grateful for a chance to celebrate America twice.  The kids were thrilled that they could see fireworks again!  We arrived a little early so the kids could run out some of their energy and enjoy the playground. Ivory is becoming more coordinated and a little braver as she attempts to climb + explore a little higher and a littler further. Micah must take his matchbox cars *everywhere.*  They're especially fun to send down slides. Korban love! The kids loved seeing Joni, Addie + her parents, and Bobo + family.
We enjoy our tradition of watching fireworks with Addie, Melissa, Sabian, MikeMike, Bobo + Cassie.  The kids especially love the glow bracelets Melissa always thoughtfully brings to share.  Grateful to live in this country.  Mostly grateful we can worship boldly without fear of physical persecution.  We are awfully blessed.

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